Power Electronics

  • Power Electronics: Devices, Circuits, and Applications, by M. H. Rashid, 2013 (plenty of worked examples, ebook in QMUL library, free online version).

  • Principles of Power Electronics by J. G. Kassakian, M. F. Schlecht, and G. C. Verghese, Addison-Wesley, 1991 (MIT source and paperback version in QMUL library).

  • Chapter: Introduction to Power Electronics in Electric Machinery Fundamentals  by S. J. Chapman, McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2011 (short but very easy to read, paperback version in QMUL library)

  • Online Power Electronic course by Dr Firuz Zare.

Electrical Machines

Control Systems 

  • Electronic Feedback Systems by Prof. Roberge gave at MIT in 1985. Excellent video lectures if you are new to control systems.

Energy and Renewables

  • Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, by David JC Mackay, 2008.

  • Energy by Vaclav Smil, 2006.

Every researcher must know these!